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Follow Friday is the podcast about who you should follow online. Every week, Eric Johnson talks with well-known creative people — including writers, podcasters, comedians, and more — about who they follow online, and why.

These short, fun, insightful conversations will help you discover the best people on the internet, who you should be following, too. Follow or subscribe to the show for free in your favorite podcast app!

Theme song written by Eric Johnson, and performed by Yona Marie. Show art by Dodi Hermawan.
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ERIC JOHNSON: Okay. So, there's this thing people used to do on Twitter. Maybe you've heard of it. It was called Follow Friday.

Every week, you were supposed to give a little shout-out to someone else on Twitter. It was a way of saying, "I like what this person does, and you should follow them, too."

However, most people don't, uh, observe Follow Friday anymore. These days, we follow people because we are told to by an ad, or an algorithm, and not by a real person.

And you know what? It's time to change that.

I'm Eric Johnson. And this is Follow Friday, the podcast about who you should follow online.

Every week, I talk to creative people about who they follow. That includes podcasters, writers, comedians, musicians, illustrators, video creators, and more.

They will give us a guided tour to the best people on the internet, who we should be following, too.

On Follow Friday, you'll hear from people like Ologies host Alie Ward, New York Times columnist Kevin Roose, The Black List founder Franklin Leonard, and Washington Post humorist Alexandra Petri.

New episodes come out every Friday, and you can get bonus mini-episodes every month when you back the show on Patreon.

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